Poetics of Politics

Our new book, Poetics of Politics: Textuality and Social Relevance in Contemporary American Literature and Culture, will be available in print in April 2015. You can already find it on our publisher's website and on amazon.de. Please click below for a table of contents (pdf).

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The book proposes the ‘poetics of politics’ as an analytic angle to interrogate contemporary cultural production in the United States. It points to the interplay between the textual and the political as a dynamic—always locally specific—that affords unique insights into the characteristics of the contemporary moment.

The sixteen case studies explore this interplay across a wide range of media, genres, and modes. Together, they make visible a broad cultural concern with negotiating social relevance and textual self-awareness that permeates and structures contemporary US (popular) culture.





Table of Contents of the Poetics of Politics volume