Sabrina Hüttner - Biography

Contribution: Politics of Dissent? Reconsidering the Political in Contemporary American Political Theater


Sabrina Hüttner holds an MA in English and American Studies and Economics from the University of Würzburg (2007) and is currently working as an assistant professor at the Department of American Studies at the University of Würzburg. Her PhD project, entitled “Politics of Dissent: The Political Theater of Tony Kushner, Naomi Wallace, and Christopher Shinn,” examines how popular theater in the United States in the late twentieth and early twentyfirst century accomplishes political work, focusing in particular on the work of Tony Kushner, Naomi Wallace, and Christopher Shinn. Her research interests are in contemporary drama, performance studies, transnationalism, democracy studies, the Harlem Renaissance, and “Ground Zero Fiction.” She has presented papers at various international conferences and contributed to important journals in the field, such as the South Atlantic Review. She also received a Fulbright Fellowship at San Francisco State University in 2008 and a Bavarian Kluge Fellowship at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC in 2010. Her most recent essay, forthcoming in 2013 as part of a volume on imaginary dialogues, is entitled “You and I sat here talking the pros and cons of–of– Immediacy, Conspiracy, and the Dialogic Mode in Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint. A Novel.”